Indian Defence Minister under fire for criticising Amir Khan


Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar faced great criticism after verbally targeting the country’s leading actor Amir Khan.

Recently while talking to the media at a launch ceremony of a Marathi edition of a book by Nitin Gokhale, Manohar said that anyone who speaks against the country must be taught a lesson just like an actor was in the past.



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Even though he did not take any names but it was too obvious that he was pointing at Amir Khan. He tried pointing of the incident back in November when the actor faced with resentment for being open about the insecurities his family felt because of the rising religious intolerance in India.


Manohar believes that whoever speaks ill of the country or is unpatriotic needs to be taught some lesson. Moreover, he added that an online trading company the actor was associated with as well was “taught a lesson”.

Khan was affiliated with an e-commerce company ‘Snapdeal’ which had to face great loss and criticism because of his comments.

As Manohar quoted that many people ordered from Snapdeal and then returned their order to teach a lesson to the company it had to finally pull out his advertisement and cleared that the company did not support any of his comments.

The minister was stormed on social media with negative comments because of his verbal attack on the actor.