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China’s Shandong Chamber wants enhanced collaboration with Karachi Chamber

Shandong Chamber of Commerce China Executive Vice President and Secretary General Wangxuemin has said that the Shandong Chamber wants to enhance collaboration with the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) in order to promote business and pave way for improved trade ties between the business communities of the two countries.

Wangxuemin, who led a high-level 13-member Chinese delegation during its visit to the Karachi Chamber for a business-to-business meeting with the KCCI counterparts, added that they would like to have more of such B2B meetings on regular basis so that trade ties between the two countries could further be improved.

Businessmen Group Vice Chairman and former KCCI president Tahir Khaliq, KCCI President Younus Muhammad Bashir, KCCI Senior Vice President Zia Ahmed Khan, KCCI Vice President Muhammad Naeem Sharif, former KCCI president Iftikhar Ahmed Vohra, KCCI Managing Committee members and other businessmen from different sectors attended the meeting.

The Chinese delegation consisted of businessmen from numerous sectors including footwear, jewellery, luggage, auto parts, chemicals, furniture, electrical appliances, raw materials, household goods, infrastructure construction and railway track tools etc.

The leader of Chinese delegation also invited the KCCI to visit Shandong Chamber of Commerce in China in order to further strengthen ties and bring the two chambers closer to each other which would help in collectively exploring new avenues of trade expansion and cooperation.

Earlier, KCCI President Younus Muhammad Bashir, in his welcome address, briefed the Chinese delegates about the strengths and functioning of the Karachi Chamber which is not only the largest Chamber of Pakistan but is also ranked among the top ten Chambers of the world in terms of membership base.

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