Pakistani-British woman Samia Shahid was murdered, forensics report confirms


The forensic report of deceased Samia Shahid confirmed that her death was not natural and that it was a murder.

The report stated that Samia’s death had occurred from suffocation.

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The findings of the forensic report have been handed over to the special investigation team formed by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. The special team will now proceed with the investigation further.

Initially, Samia Shahid’s death was described as a suicide until it was revealed to the police that Samia had a second husband. Several media reports also termed the murder as an act of honour killing.

The Police have arrested a number of Shahid’s family members in connection with the case. Shahid, who lived in Bradford, had reportedly met with family members during her stay in Pakistan, in the Pindori area of Northern Punjab.

Chaudhry Shahid, Samia’s father, and Chaudhry Mubeen, her cousin, have been taken into custody for interrogation, while another accused, namely Chaudhry Shakeel, is still at large.

Meanwhile, Samia’s current husband, Mukhtar Kazam, has alleged that his wife was called from London to Pakistan to inquire about her father’s ailing health and that her father and former in-laws together killed her.

The family of the deceased woman has dismissed all allegations of their involvement in her “killing”.

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Samia, 28, a British national who had reportedly been visiting family in Pakistan last month, was found dead on July 20.

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