Islamabad traffic police go on challan spree


The Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) have resorted to a challan spree in recent days, leaving friendly policing aside and focusing more on making fines.

Traffic wardens deputed on roads and entry and exit points instead of focusing on erring drivers and traffic violations, stop vehicles randomly and challan on the spot for no violation or minor violation.

A source in the ITP claimed that the high-ups have directed the traffic wardens and patrolling officers not to spare any motorist for “violations”, however minor it may be.

Earlier, the ITP used to hold programmes about traffic rules for the students in schools and colleges, but these programmes have now been suspended.

“The traffic police have now parted ways with the code of ethics and this deviation is leading to growing quarrels, bickering between traffic police and the citizens,” said Arif Khan, who had been stopped by the traffic police on Blue Area for checking of his vehicle papers. He said that despite showing papers of the vehicle, the traffic wardens were not satisfied and made him wait for around five minutes.

It has also been noted that some police officials stop vehicles in the middle of the road at the traffic signal, causing snarl-ups, hooting and shouting by other motorists.

“The Islamabad traffic police used to be an ideal police department, but it has now turned into a source of nuisance for the motorists,” said Jamal Shah, another motorist.

“Heavy fines on the motorists are a trick to extract more and more money from public’s pockets to satiate the avarice of the high-ups rather than implementing traffic rules,” another frustrated car driver, Jamil Bajwas, said who had been stopped on the main road in Jinnah Super Market.

SSP traffic was contacted but he could not be reached despite repeated attempts.



  1. There is nothing wrong with fines. They are doing their job in fact I feel they need to be more strict as a lot of people here violate traffic rules blatantly. Furthermore, rich people with tinted cars and embassy officials etc should not be exempted.

  2. I don't think its so wrong that people need to complain like this. Fines are necessary in order to ensure smooth traffic flow and the traffic police is under no obligation to let minor violations go unfined. As long as there is a violation the motorist cannot complain.

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