Farah Khan’s low-budget, girl-centric film won’t have stars


Choreographer-turned-director Farah Khan, who is known to make films with established actors said on Tuesday that her next film is a girl-centric film and she won’t cast any stars in it.

Farah Khan said, “I have written a script and this time it’s a small script, and it’s not star-driven. It’s a two girls project so still waiting for it to happen because I have not put a big star in it.”

“It was easier for me to get a 100-crore project green-lit but a 20-crore project is taking time because it doesn’t have a star,” she added.

Farah is known for her big budget star-driven films including Main Hoon Na, Om Shanti Om, Tees Maar Khan and Happy New Year.

When asked will it be with newcomers, she said, “No it’s not with newcomers then I will not even get 20 crores. It’s a girl-centric film and we do have a working title but we don’t want to give it out right now.”

Farah says working with stars is easier because one tend to work a little less on the content because you have a big star in the film.

Farah Khan’s low-budget, girl-centric film won’t have stars 2

She said, “The thing is stars make it easier for the project to be green-lit. Otherwise, everyone will question your script 100 times if you have a star saying yes to it give that newspaper cutting and nobody will ask any question that’s the good side and a bad side to it. You tend to work a little less on the content because you have a big star driving on it sometimes.”

“That opening is for sure. With other movies, you don’t know it can die in a week. If it’s a great movie by word of mouth it grows but that’s 1 in 100. I think that’s why not only here even in Hollywood when an actor becomes a star and has a certain amount of equity, name everyone wants to cash on it,” she added.

“I think she should dance with Hrithik once. They will look good together,” she said during a media interaction on‘Jhalak’ sets.

Further, when the 30-year-old actress was quizzed on who according to her dances well in the B-Town, she promptly replied, “Tiger and Varun are phenomenal dancers.”

Jacqueline was seen grooving with Varun Dhawan in the track Sau Tarah Ke, from their recent outing Dishoom. She will also be seen pairing up with Tiger Shroff in the upcoming flick Flying Jatt.