#ShukriyaPakistan: American woman changes perception of Pakistan through Twitter


Former Goodwill Ambassador to Pakistan, Cynthia D. Ritchie changed perceptions of many people about Pakistan during her recent trip to the country.

Cynthia took to Twitter to share her photos and engage in a Q&A session.

She was all praises for Pakistan and its people.

She was invited to Pakistan in 2010 but finally travelled to the country this year.

She replied to people’s questions regarding the security conditions of the country with a positive attitude and encouraged her followers to not give up on our beautiful country.

She tagged all her pictures with the hashtag #ShukriyaPakistan as a way of expressing her gratitude for all the love and hospitality she received from the people.

She even learned to say a few words in Urdu.

I guess its our turn to say #ShukriyaCynthia for showing a beautiful and positive side of Pakistan to the world.

She now plans to document her travels in Pakistan for a good cause by producing a docu-series about the nation, and capturing “the true spirit of Pakistan,” to educate people on a global platform about the beauty, hospitality and kindness of Pakistan.