PM Nawaz directs to help distressed workers in Saudi Arabia


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has instructed the Pakistani Embassy in Saudi Arabia to assist the Pakistani workers in distress and take all possible steps to resolve their grievances at the earliest.

The Prime Minister further directed the Foreign Office to ensure the provision of all necessary support to the Pakistani workers. ‘’We stand by our hardworking workers who are away from their homeland to earn a living for their families. They are our strength and pride. We will help them out in all possible ways,’’ expressed the Prime Minister.

In compliance with the directions of the Prime Minister to help the laid off Pakistani workers, Pakistan’s embassy in Riyadh has set up Special Facilitation Centre and a special fund to provide food and other assistance to the distressed. The embassy has also facilitated Pakistani workforce in compiling claims for their dues and salaries.

The Foreign Office has apprised the Prime Minister that the Pakistani Mission has made arrangements for ensuring food supply, medical assistance and settlement of the salaries and outstanding dues of the employees, as soon as possible. The workers will be facilitated in the transfer of work permits of those workers who decide to leave the company and will also facilitate workers to travel to their homeland if they opt to do so.

The Embassy has further informed that Saudi King has issued a decree for urgent payment of dues to workers.


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