Humaima Malick raises voice for women’s rights


Humaima Malick, the Dekh Magar Pyaar Say actress uploaded a video on 31 July coming out in support for the Punjab Women’s Protection Bill 2016.While our country’s celebrities tend to avoid controversial subjects, Malick decided to be quite vocal about what she feels is an important issue. She told media, “Money can never get you complete satisfaction. I know that because I have it and I still wake up in the middle of the night wanting to do something bigger and better.”

The actress expressed her desire to make meaningful efforts for the women of Pakistan, saying “I want it to be greater than these hackneyed hair shampoo and beauty soap commercials.” Malick’s Facebook video had an uplifting theme. She described the modern Pakistani woman as an embodiment of peace, beauty, inner strength, confidence and substance. She concluded the video saying, “I, Humaima Malick endorse Punjab Women Protection Bill 2016.”

The video’s backdrop featured calls to end societal problems such as domestic and sexual violence, psychological and economic abuse, stalking, and cyber crime. Expounding on her vision for the future of women’s rights in Pakistan, Humaima told media, “Education is essential for a woman. We discriminate between our people a lot in terms of social standing but education will change that.” She went on to say that, “Marriage does not limit a woman and the most successful women are those who are self-sufficient. By doing this video, I want to set examples for other celebrities as well.”


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