ICT requested to send child beggars to NCPC


The Ministry of Human Rights requested the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) chief commissioner to direct the district administration for sending all children found in beggary to the National Child Protection Centre (NCPC).

The Ministry of Human Rights is concerned with the prevailing situation of missing children reported in Punjab.

The ICT Child Protection Law is also intact to provide a secure environment to children where they could live with their free will, an official of the Ministry said.

He observed that many children are involved in beggary and are often seen on the roads, streets and traffic signals in the capital.

These children are used by the professional beggars and mafias and as a result, they become vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, and experience violence.

The Ministry also stressed upon taking legal action against the perpetrators and mafias for curbing this menace.

He explained that the NCPC is working for providing protection and support to vulnerable children, ranging from tracing, family-reunification, temporary shelter services for rehabilitation, reintegration, informal education and skill enhancement for children from marginalised and untouched segments of the society.

The services of NCPC are in place since March, 2007 and since its inception, it has so far reunified more than 3,500 children. Almost half of these children came back to the centre after being unified, he said.