Girl student found dead at hotel mysteriously

  • Rabia recovered dead from washroom of hotel’s lobby with a handgun lying close to dead body
  • Family says there was no reason for Rabia to commit suicide
  • Police officials say they are investigating the incident from all angles

A 22-year-old girl student was found dead at a hotel located on Lahore’s Mall Road under mysterious circumstances on Friday, police officials said.

Identified as Rabia Naseer, a resident of Batapur, the victim left her home for college early in the morning, but arrived at the hotel where CCTV footage showed her walking in while talking to someone on her cell phone.

“Rabia went to a washroom in hotel’s lobby after which a gunshot was heard and the duty staff found her body inside the washroom with a handgun lying close to it,” the officials said.

The hotel administration immediately ferried the girl to a hospital where doctors pronounced her dead on arrival, adding that the girl sustained a single shot to the side of her head that went out through the other side.

The police officials however informed Pakistan Today that the hotel management had shifted the girl to Services Hospital without informing the police. They said that they found a handgun magazine, a pack of cigarettes and some cash from the girl’s bag which also contained her identity card.

Earlier, the hotel management told the police that the girl had entered the hotel from the back gate of the lobby.

Initial investigations suggested the girl had committed suicide, but family members said there was no reason for Rabia, the only sister of four brothers, to commit suicide.

Meanwhile, Faisal, one of Rabia’s brothers, lodged an application with the Race Course Police Station for registration of an FIR against unknown murderers. The police officials on the other hand said they were investigating the incident from all angles.

Rabia was the captain of a female cricket team at a local college and was also getting trained as a cricket coach these days.



  1. What do yousay about the security of hotel like PC. How a gun entered the hotel. Security laps are there.

  2. There are CCTV camera's everywhere in the Corridor and in the Lobby even in the electric Lifts. If the killer is an elite member then he might evade the police prosecution , i assume the killer is an elite who called her in an elite Hotel and then killed her.Staying Overnight and she was the resident of Batapur which clearly shows that she belonged to a middle class family and she was being exploited to the extreme before she was murdered.Who knows the autopsy gets riddled by the elite and all the evidences gets scrapped.Injustice is on the RISE in PAKISTAN and soon this will take the very peace completely if not cured soon.May the Girl the Justice she needs. Poor Soul

    • Your analysis is quite right. This world is heading towards its end very abruptly !! Running behind lust and wealth … Moral values have declined to the minimum.

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