Shoddy bridge for bikes causing great discomfort to Isloites


Rana Umair

The perfect example of authorities’ lack of attention to detail is the passenger/bikers bridge in front of ZTBL on Islamabad Expressway. This bridge is useless in monsoon season as its ends are inundated by rainwater most of the times. Because of this, passengers have only two options: one is to pass through dirty water at the back end steps of the bridge or to be brave and cross the Islamabad expressway with uncluttered traffic while putting your life in danger. 

A very negligible amount is required to repair this portion of the said bridge to make the space around the tail so that people can avoid the hassle to pass from one-foot deep muddy water, thereby saving their clothes and themselves.

Double standards of the facilitation are very much visible in the capital. An older woman who passed through the dirty water named as Shamim said, “I do not have an option as this is the only way for me. Obviously, I am concerned about my clothes, but I am more concerned that when I am going through the dirty water I do not lose my grip and fall in the muddy water. I would like to say to the authorities that resolve this issue as soon as possible because I am afraid that someday I will surely get injured because I pass through this bridge very often.”

This bridge becomes useless after every rain in any season.

A biker, Ishtiaq, who works at the nearby shop said, “I usually use this bridge but nowadays I prefer to come from another route which is causing me extra time and fuel. It is very inconvenient for bikers and bicycle riders and the issue should be sought out on an urgent basis and permanently.”

A bicycle rider said, “As the main highway is not much safer for bicycle riders, particularly when you are making a turn to come to the other side of the road. Cars and bikes are very speedy and it freaks me out when they start pushing horns on my back, while I am turning my cycle. It’s a terrible experience so I prefer to come through this bridge. Lodging water on the tail of the bridge should be cleared immediately.”

Although, it’s a great hassle, but for kids, it’s a blessing in disguise. Kids from nearby areas are enjoying the summer pool party in the lodging water without even bothering about the possible disease they can contract through mud water.

When Pakistan Today spoke to the CDA spokesperson regarding this issue, he said, “I will enquire about this and will inform you later on.”