FIR registered against CDA’s Assistant Director


An FIR has been registered against CDA Building Control Section Assistant Director Khalid Khokhar.

Ibrar Abbasi, a resident of Kuri, claims that a cheque of Rs 60 million was given to him by AD Khalid Khokhar in payment of files in Kuri area of Islamabad. Ibrar Abbasi tried to file an FIR in Koral Police Station, but personnel at the station were reluctant to file it as the accused was an influential individual.

The complainant then moved the application of 22A in the court. The court ordered the police to register an FIR; the police did not register the application even then. It was only after an application of contempt of court was moved that they registered an FIR against Khalid Khokhar. The police due to the involvement of influential quarters were reluctant to make an arrest.

Why was Khalid Khokhar kept on such an important position despite pending inquiries is a question worth asking? The AD has been to jail along with his wife when assets in the form of dozens of plots in CDA’s sectors and millions of rupees in his close family member’s account surfaced. A source confided in Pakistan Today that Khokhar has the backing and support of a present member (Planning) who superintends the whole Building Control Section (BCS) of CDA.

AD Khalid Khokhar said that he had lost his chequebook some time back and reported the loss to the police and added, “The signatures on the cheque are forged and the whole episode is an attempt to taint my character.”

CDA, once the foremost and only civic authority of capital, has recently been rendered powerless as the Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (IMC) took charge of more than 23 factions and directorates from it and will be sharing other 26 directorates partially with the civic authority.