Chinese entrepreneurs ‘keen’ to invest in Pakistan




An 11-member delegation of Chinese entrepreneurs led by Shadong Jinan Bulinte Railway Company Chairman Zheng Gouliang visited the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) to explore opportunities of business collaboration, investment and joint ventures in Pakistan. The delegation represented various sectors including railway equipment manufacturers, glass producers, seaweed industry, importers & exporters, construction, mechanical & electrical installations producers, contractors, real estate developers and construction machinery manufacturers.

The delegation members said that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has generated great interest in Chinese investors about Pakistan and the purpose of their current visit is to explore new opportunities for investment and joint ventures in Pakistan. They said Pakistan needed better marketing of its economic potential in China as on reaching Pakistan, they have found that its economy is making sound progress qualifying it as a promising country for good business prospects.

In his welcome address, ICCI President Atif Ikram Sheikh briefed the Chinese delegation about investment potential in various sectors of Pakistan’s economy. He identified energy, infrastructure development, construction, exploration of minerals, oil & gas, gems & jewellery, marble, poultry, pharmaceuticals, telecommunication & information technology as potential areas of investment and joint ventures for Chinese investors.

He said that CPEC has the potential to put Pakistan into the global economic mainstream and stressed that more and more Chinese companies should explore partnerships in this historic project for its timely completion. He assured that the ICCI will offer all-out cooperation to Chinese companies that are interested in CPEC projects and will play its role to create synergies between Chinese and local companies for realising full benefits of this flagship project.

Both sides agreed to continue direct interactions and hold more B2B meetings for further strengthening business linkages between the entrepreneurs of the two countries.