Rabbani slams US, West for keeping mum over human rights violations


Raja Zafarul Haq elected APA Standing Committee chairman

Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani on Tuesday deplored the silence of the United States and Western powers – the torchbearers of human rights – over the upheaval and turmoil in Middle East and blatant violation of rights in Palestine and Indian-occupied Kashmir.

In his opening remarks during a meeting of the Standing Committee on Economic and Sustainable Development Affairs of Asian Parliamentary Assembly in Islamabad on Tuesday, the chairman said being a Pakistani he witnessed “Western double standards when they politically and economically supported dictatorial regimes in Pakistan and maintained silence over the unlawful prosecution of political workers”.

During the meeting which is being hosted by the Senate of Pakistan, it was observed that the future of Asia lies in the hands of Asian people.

Criticising the West on comments that Asian integration was not possible due to cultural, religious and social diversity, Rabbani said “This is not true as we believe that the strength of Asia is its diversity and with diversity comes unity.” He admitted that there were issues that needed to be resolved in order to achieve equitable development and peace in the region.

“It is imperative for us to look at things in the right dimension,” Rabbani said, urging the member countries to move forward for achieving the goal of Asian Parliament.

Rabbani said the silence of torch bearers of human rights over violence in Palestine and India-held Kashmir is regretful.

Senate Secretary Amjad Pervaiz Malik threw light on the brief chronology of over a decade long Pakistan-APA association.


Meanwhile Leader of the House in Senate Raja Zafarul Haq was elected as the chairman of Standing Committee on Economic and Sustainable Development of Asian Parliamentary Assembly.

In his remarks, Raja Zafarul Haq said “it is our collective responsibility to work towards comprehensive socio-economic progress of the region.”

He said the meeting of the Standing Committee provided opportunity to work together for stronger and more inter-connective development of Asia.

He hoped that the participants will put forward valuable suggestions for solution of common problems being faced by the Asian countries. Sixty-three delegates from nineteen countries are participating in the two-day meeting.


  1. True. Such double standards should not come in the way of human rights. It’s quite depressing how the West claims to do the right thing and protect people’s human rights, but don’t do it where it really is required.

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