Pakistani Taliban claim responsibility for Karachi military killings


A Pakistani Taliban faction has claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s killing of two military officers in the southern city of Karachi, a spokesman for the Islamist group said.

The killings were the latest attacks in the busy port city of 20 million people, where paramilitary forces have been cracking down on Islamist militants and criminal gangs for almost three years.

The officers were killed as they were on the Pakistani Taliban faction’s “target list”, Ehsan Ullah Ehsan, the spokesman for the group, Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, said late on Tuesday.

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Gunmen attacked the vehicle carrying the soldiers, who belonged to an intelligence agency, while they were patrolling a crowded area of the city, police had said.

The crackdown has boosted security in Karachi, although in recent months, a popular Sufi musician, Amjad Sabri, was shot dead and the son of the provincial chief justice was kidnapped, but later rescued.


  1. Will not be suprised if name (or killers of TTP) would have been hired in view of what has happened to Wasim Akhtar. This is what their natural response normally is.

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