Lack of transparency in ECP Provincial appointments


It seems ambiguity and lack of transparency has become a norm in Pakistan. This suits all status quo parties and politics of the elite. Recent appointment of ECP Provincial members is another example of it. No one knows on what basis these nominees were considered; what was the criteria to vet them; what due diligence was conducted to ensure they will be neutral; and no public hearing was held to ensure their suitability for these important jobs. Members of parliamentary committee that apparently approved these appointments never meet the candidates to interview them. No public profile was published for comments and feedback from the citizens.

Another disturbing thing is that almost two years were spent for electoral reforms after which amendments were introduced. According to these amendments people with administrative experience should be given an opportunity to manage the election process. But out of four provincial appointments only one has administrative experience the other three are retired judges.

I don’t know any of the people appointed personally. So I will give them benefit of doubt to be honest and creditable people. But only the time will tell whether they are or not. We will keep a close eye on their activities and actions.
Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi