Indian woman accused of desecrating Guru Granth Sahib killed in Ludhiana


A 47-year-old woman, who was accused of desecrating the Guru Granth Sahib, was shot dead outside a gurudwara in Ludhiana district’s Alamgir village on Tuesday morning.

The woman, Balwinder Kaur, was a resident of Ghawaddi village. She had been arrested last year and was out on bail.

According to the reports, Balwinder Kaur and her son were invited by someone outside the Alamgir’s Gurudwara Manji Sahib and was shot by two motorcycle-borne assailants. She died on the spot.

Ludhiana’s Commissioner of Police Jatinder Singh Aulakh has ordered an investigation into the case.


  1. Something very dangerous and serious is happening in Punjab! Why would anyone want to tear pages of a Holi book, and create such big ruckus?

    For every crime there must be an intention , mens rea!

    This and many similar things happened in Germany under fascism. CIA is known to have been behind many such things in many countries to provoke sections of people.

    All the reports appear to be silly and sinister.

    The accused appear to be ordinary people who have no criminal intention and criminal back ground.

    They do not appear to be anti social or mentally imbalanced people.

    They appear to be very ordinary, religious, god fearing people leading very normal lives in normal families.

    Then what is this desecration charge?

    This kind of conspiracy on common folks to divide society is very normal fascist practice.

    It is very easy for any one to have pages of a book torn at any point of time by anyone and allege it as a crime committed by someone else.

    It is easy to implicate any innocent person.

    It is is easy to plant a person to speak that he or she saw this person as having torn the page or pages and there is no way the person can defend herself or himself.

    It is not possible to accuse anyone of being a criminal unless one can establish the intention and grounds for such intention.

    The whole state appears to be being swept away by some mania as it did during hitler’s time in late thirties and early forties in Germany .

    The police are not looking for the mens rea , the magistrate does not appear to be applying his mind and political, social and civil rights activists do not appear to be understanding the dangers of this manic wave!

    They must challenge this mania before the magistrate, before the sessions court and then in high court and Supreme Court till they recognise the incongruity of this charge and the evil intentions of the accusers to divide people and establish a fascist system.

    I am worried for Punjab.

    I am worried for India .

    I am worried for the dangers of fascism faced by a billion people of India .

    May god save India!

    Satyameva jayathe!

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