Qaim Ali Shah wasn’t ‘dumped unceremoniously’, says Chandio


Advisor to Sindh Chief Minister on Information Maula Bux Chandio said on Monday that claims that Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah was “dumped unceremoniously” from his post are not correct. Changes like that are part and parcel of the parliamentary system; therefore, it shouldn’t surprise anyone, he said.

Talking to Pakistan Today Editor Arif Nizami on his talk show DNA on Channel 24, he said, “It is the prerogative of the party chief to make such changes; Shah is a hardworking person who was fortunate enough to serve Sindh in the capacity of a chief minister on three separate occasions. His removal was not punitive by any means and it was made after a mutual consensus within the party.”

Chandio said that Shah was never isolated at any point and it was the party’s decision to replace him. After Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s ascension to PPP’s chairmanship, changes in the party are natural and nothing is out of the blue, he added.

About the PPP’s decision to give an extension to the Rangers’ stay in Sindh, Chandio said, “Rangers’ stay in Sindh is not unconstitutional by any means and the decision was made due to the security situation in Sindh and for the protection and well-being of the people. There is no harm in asking an institution of the country for help.”

“The children of Tharparkar are often talked about at length by many people, but why does no one talk about the kidnapping of more than 600 children within six months in Punjab?” Chandio asked, and added, “Punjab is a sacred province, run by a sacred government which only likes to brag, a lot.”




  1. Honestly, this Mr Chandio, implanted by Mr 10% in Sind Government as adivsor has played his part.

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