Imran Khan denounces expected closure of Pak-Turk schools 


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan condemned the expected move to close Pak-Turk schools across the country.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the PTI chief said that the closure of Pak-Turk schools in Pakistan would be disastrous for the country.

“We stand firmly by Turkish democracy but closure of Pak-Turk schools in Pakistan, which has a high illiteracy rate, could be disastrous for the country,” he said.

Khan said that if the schools are closed without considering its consequences, it will put the future of the students and staff at stake.

Earlier, the Turkish ambassador while talking to journalists in Islamabad demanded Pakistan to close down all the institutions in Pakistan which are backed by the Fethullah Gulen-inspired Hizmet movement.

Around 28 Pak-Turk schools and colleges with staff strength of 1,500 are functioning across the country, including Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and other areas.


  1. A virtual truth is that PakTurk Schools & Colleges are very highly connected with gulen’s network, and they have hundreds of businesses across Pakistan, illegally. Gulen is earning millions from his network in Pakistan, they are very highly involve corruption in public funding and money laundering from Pakistan.

    It is absolutely clear that shutting down PakTurk schools will affect on literacy rate but will also effect corruption in public funding and spreading virus of Hizmet movement in Pakistan which will be destroy Pakistani Nation by brainwashing of students, and making a worldwide huge jamahat.

    Remember one thing providing quality education is not any problem, but providing quality education by making a jamaht "Hizmet Movement", please do favor to your Pakistani Nation & Students that they remain stay Pakistani Students, and they are not any part of any Jamahat Hizmet Movement

    • Your comment clearly expresses limited knowledge unfortunately. Although PakTurk Schools are Gulen inspired, they strictly adhere to ‘no politics’ stance, never have they incited students against the Turkish Government nor any other wing.. its very saddening how you simoly comment without adequate knowledge on the matter. If a scrap of evidence is provided to support your claim of ‘brainwashing’ students, i promise to dismiss my stance

    • i am saddend to hear such balant accusations by people who have no knowledge of gullen, pak-turk or the turkish politics. They have never adhered to politics or political parties . Gullen has never visited any of schools inspired by this teachings. He is among the few scholars whose followers are taught to embrace modern values and practice islam at the same time. Being a student of pak-turk school i can say that these teachers have been the best thing that have happened in my life, my best friends , who guided me through every problem, personal or career related selflessly. They have a rich literature that promotes scientific reasoning in everything including religion. They show us how to become model citizens by being model muslims. These people have given me the best college experience while asking for nothing in return, how can someone claim they have ulterior motives? How can you balantly accuse them of corruption? Please don’t try to deprive the youth of such wonderful teachers at a time when a politician is trying to achieve his political ends by any means

  2. I think the management should be changed, and let the school function. Unfortunately Erod gone is bullodozing every thing

    • You are right. A management change is all that is needed. otherwise Future of student will be at stake. i am worried about international student funded my hizmat, what will be there future in Turkey.

  3. Pakistan should take action against those madrasas first who are promoting takfiri ideology not the Pakturk schools.

  4. Who is backed by Pak Turk Schools in Pakistan? It has been 20 years gone, and Pak govt permitted to work in Pakistan. The status is that no elite class child is studying in these schools and only middle class people have admitted their children in these schools. The future of students is of no interest with the government. I request govt to take a wise decision in public interest only, not in interest of other any country.

  5. We the parents of the students of Pak Turk Schools request the Government of Pakistan to consider the plight and problems of the 10, 000 students and the 1500 employees before making any decision regarding possible closure of the Pak Turk Schools in Pakistan.
    Pak Turk Schools are the hope of the middle class where they can admit their children at affordable cost. Pak Turk Schools must be allowed to continue serving our nation.

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