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Kashmir can never become part of Pakistan, India tells Nawaz

  • Indian external affairs minister says ‘whole India wants to tell Pakistani premier in one voice that his and Pakistan’s dream (of making Kashmir its part) will never come true’
  • Slams Pakistan for declaring Hizbul Mujahideen slain commander Burhan Wani a ‘martyr’

Indian Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj on Saturday said Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif must know that “Kashmir can never become a part of Pakistan”.

“Whole India wants to tell Pakistani premier in one voice that his and Pakistan’s dream (of making Kashmir its part) will never come true,” Swaraj said during a press conference aired on Indian media.

The Indian minister also accused Pakistan of backing militants with the help of UN designated terrorists and notorious figures like Hafiz Saeed, in order to turn the valley into a living hell.

“The Pakistani PM says his prayers are with people of Kashmir. I must remind him that Pakistan has never prayed for the people of the valley but has given them pain in the form of terrorism,” said Swaraj.

She also condemned Nawaz Sharif’s condemnation of separatist commander Burhan Wani’s killing and asked him why he described Wani as a martyr despite knowing that he was a part of the ‘terrorist group’ Hizbul Mujahideen.

On Friday, a high-level meeting of the National Security Council chaired by Prime Minister Nawaz had declared Wani a ‘martyr’ and decided to highlight Indian atrocities in the Occupied Valley in the comity of nations at other forums.

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  1. AKumar said:

    I think this idiot Pak PM has got the slap on his face by India's eloquent foreign minister Ms. Sushma Swaraj.

  2. uzairtech said:

    wow. It doesn't matter what you guys say anymore. Kashmir is internationally recognised as a disputed territory so you can try to change the facts all you want. It won't change a thing, Kashmir has and always will be a state that has been occupied by The Indians. We Pakistanis We muslims our hindus our christians our sikhs our ismailis we are all bonded by this nation we will always fight for our brothers. It doesn't matter if you think "we'll never free them or kashmir will never be a part of Pakistan" Pakistan is a resilient Nation we will fight. We will go to war if we have to but before we will use all diplomatic channels we will only use war as a last resort. Fear the day when we are forced to go to such measures

    • Gus said:

      Well day dreaming, Pakistan is going to crumble soon as it's economics is in dire strait. Keeping nation alive on hating India will not go in long run.

      • uzairtech said:

        Is this what you're media potrays?
        Pakistan's economy is only improving and ideally what you said will never happen. We don't hate India we hate what you do. We don't hate the people we only hate the bad ones. Good and bad sides of a coin.

      • M. S. said:

        We are tired of hearing Pakistan will crumble since 1947. It looks like India is crumblimg and Kashmir is joinning Pakistan.

    • Sangram Pattanayak said:

      Pakistan does not have the courage to go for a full phase war with india, thats why it has started proxy war after 1971 defeat. Concentrate on yours own balooch problems otherwise one day like Bangladesh you will be responsible for creating one more nation.

  3. Viktor said:

    oh was Osama found in Pakistan – yes yes
    were pakistani children slaughtered – yes yes
    whole world distrusts Pakistan – yes yes

    Oh BTW does the world do Business with India – yes yes
    Does India have a civil nuclear deal – yes yes
    Has India reached Mars – yes yes

    Does India care about Pakistan – of course NO.

  4. Dr.M.M.Khan said:

    We are not asking that Kashmir becomes a part of Pakistan. What we are asking is that Kashmiris be given the right of self determination. Is that to much to ask?.

  5. M. S. said:

    There is nothing India can do except keep babbling, and we have heard it for last 60nyears or so, while half of Kashmir is already Pakistan. in the mean time Kashmir is burning and people there are tired of Indian rule. India is militarily weak and cannot stop Pakistan sponcered freedom movement in Kashmir. Know it Kashmir will be part of Pakistan.

    • Sangram Pattanayak said:

      India has 222,236 km² area of Kashmir and Pakistan only has 13,297 km² are..Make your GK strong dear..We are not going to ask you to stop day dreaming. you are doing it since 60 year and can do it for another 1000 years

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