First monsoon spell floods roads, causes accidents in Capital

ISLAMABAD: Children playing in rain water accumulated on road during heavy downpour. INP PHOTO by Sunny Ghouri

Citizens hold CDA, IMC responsible for poor drainage system

The first spell of monsoon didn’t bode well for the capital as many sectors and localities of Islamabad were inundated by rainwater. The streets of the capital became impassable as knee-deep water gathered in them. The situation on the roads was even worse as water accumulated on them brought many vehicles to complete halt.

In a single car accident on Jinnah Avenue near F-9, half a dozen cars collided due to slipperiness caused by rain when a driver lost control and collided with other cars. Sources reported many people got injured in the accident, as one passenger being in critical condition. The paramedical staff and police reached the spot to give assistance to the injured and clear the main avenue for traffic.

It is to be kept in mind that despite IMC’s addition to the civic authority of the capital, the first spell of monsoon raises serious questions on the efficiency of the ICT administration, CDA, and IMC. There were no signs of relief efforts as many people waited in their vehicles and under the sheds for rain to stop. During the afternoon, a half an hour long intense rain spell brought even the posh sectors of F and E belt under feets of water.

“Every year during monsoon, even the short spells of rain causes havoc on the lives of the residents of the capital. Even if it rains for 15 minutes, the whole roads, even main avenues, for hours remain flooded and impassable. Last year a friend of mine was stuck in a water pool on the road and it ruined his car. The drainage is poor; the nullahs are on the verge of superfluity and pose a serious danger as the monsoon has just began. I implore the folks in power to kindly take notice of this phenomenon and fulfill their duties,” Abdullah Sadiq, a resident of F-6, said while talking to Pakistan Today.