Indian woman delivers baby-boy ten days after marriage


A woman delivered a baby boy just 10 days after her marriage, but unlike other cases, she was not suspected of infidelity. Moreover, the woman’s husband and in-laws have accepted both mother and child.

Police said the couple had got married on July 7.

Clarifying her stand, the woman said that a youth in her village, Kashiram Silavat (22), had raped her number of times before she tied the knot. Police said it has also come to light that her husband used to visit her ever since their engagement was fixed a year ago.

A rape case was registered against the youth, on Monday.

The woman was brought to Parvalia area, situated on the city outskirts, for filing the case. But, accused is yet to be arrested. Police said woman’s parents are no more and she resided with her siblings in a village in Parvalia area. The man she married belongs to Motipura in Raisen district.

However, 10 days after the wedding, she became unwell and delivered a baby boy. Police said when her husband and in-laws questioned her, she revealed that Silavat had raped her on a number of occasions while issuing her threats to keep mum.

The police said woman underwent the medical examination on Tuesday and a DNA test would be conducted to pinpoint the child’s father.

Police said woman’s husband or the in-laws never noticed her pregnancy though she was staying with them for 10 days after marriage because she is healthy and hence, they failed to see her baby bump.


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