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Who will salvage Sector G-13? FGEHF, CDA or IMC

Sector G-13, a relatively new, partially developed sector of Islamabad, is beset with multiple crises for past many years. The sector has no government school, no proper sewerage system, the roads are dilapidated and full of potholes and craters and there are no parks or street lights in the vicinity.

Since its inception, the ownership of sector has always remained in the flux. In the beginning, the sector was a CDA sector, but then Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) took charge of the sector and nowadays the rumors are making rounds that Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (IMC) will soon get a hold of the sector.

As reported in this newspaper, back in May there was a tit-for-tat ‘media war’ between the Ministry of Defence, CDA and FGEHF. The three institutions fought their case by placing advertisements on front pages of national newspapers and claiming a better title of commercial plots in the sector. It all started when Ministry of Defence warned everyone of taking part in the auction by FGEHF.

At present, sector G-13 is left high and dry. CDA, being bifurcated and currently under the process of massive transition, has given up on the sector since it was handed over to the FGEHF. FGEHF in turn, has no interest whatsoever to do its bit and alleviate the suffering of the residents of the sector. Now, many of those living in the sector are demanding that their sector should be given to newly-devised IMC as they believe only the corporation can deliver their blighted sector from multiple issues.

“We moved here back in 2009, but little has changed since then. Among other things, there is a lack of government schools and public transport. It becomes extremely dangerous to travel around the sector at night. The whole sector gets engulfed in darkness.” said Syed Khurram Zaidi, a resident of Sector G-13, adding, “Development works stalled long ago. Now, the sector is in the grip of encroachers who have encroached upon vacant plots and set up their food stalls and erected concrete structures.”

“All this was done with the connivance of authorities responsible. I request our newly elected members to take control of the sector and initiate development works. I request the high-ups to take necessary steps and initiate projects related to carpeting of roads, maintenance of streetlights, and the establishment of parks.” Zaidi said.

Shah Nawaz Mohal

Shah Nawaz Mohal is a law graduate, feature writer and columnist. At present he is studying world literature at University of Potsdam, Germany. He can be reached at [email protected]

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