Litigants ruffle as Sindh lawyers observe three-day strike


The litigants and locals faced issues as lawyers boycotted all kinds of court proceedings for three days against Awais Ali Shah’s abduction and the arrest of Ibrahim Abro.

On the first day of strike on Monday, the proceedings in city court, Malir court and other subordinate courts were suspended. The strike will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The lawyers in Karachi had called a strike against Awais’s abduction last month as well.

Abro is a Karachi-based lawyer who was first believed to have been abducted but it was later found that he was detained by the police. He is accused of heading a three-member gang of dacoits who allegedly operate in Sindh and have been involved in looting several persons.

Sindh High Court Sajjad Ali Shah’s son Awais was abducted last month as he left a superstore in Clifton area. He had returned from London a few months ago after completing his law degree.