India’s NSG membership bid calls for in-depth discussion: Chinese envoy


China wants to see more discussions on India’s membership at the NSG, but hasn’t opposed it, as many believe, says Beijing’s envoy to India Charge D’Affaires Liu Jinsong.

Liu Jinsong spoke to newspaper “The Hindu” about some of the major issues challenging the India-China relationship at present and their divergence on the South China Sea Verdict.

Asked why China is opposed to India’s membership of Nuclear Suppliers Group, the Chinese Charge D’Affaires said it is not China alone that is opposing India’s entry into the NSG but the fact is, at the Seoul conference, at least 8 or 9 countries opposed it. Does that mean that China alone doesn’t oppose India’s membership?

He said China has never stated that it opposes the membership of any country to the NSG. “Of course, we have never stated our support to any country, ever. The issue is about the way of the entry of new members, the procedure that they will follow. China is one of the P-5 of the UN Security Council, and the security environment surrounding China is very complex. And we attach great importance to the NPT as the cornerstone of the non-proliferation regime. India’s membership in the NSG is not a low-hanging fruit. So, we need further discussion by parties concerned. China stands with India’s wish to develop nuclear energy to put a cap on carbon emissions and to seek development. However, we believe that this issue calls for in-depth discussion by all parties,” he said.

He said that the NPT is very important, and the current criteria for membership into the NSG has it that a new member must be a signatory state to the NPT. Therefore,he said, India’s entry into the NSG is an issue that needs to be discussed by all countries.

Liu Jinsong clarified that the Seoul conference, delegates did not discuss the issue of any country’s entry into the NSG.


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