One-wheelers are thrill seekers


But they’ll need a check



Every happy occasion demands joyful attitude and every age group tries to celebrate it their own way. Be it Eid, Independence Day, Shab-e-Barat, Eid Milad-un-Nabi, New Year or any other happy occasion, we see parks and restaurants full of families huddled together and play-zone areas occupied by frolicking children.


The largest part of our society is youngsters who are full of vigor, zeal and enthusiasm. Having so much energy in them, they do not seem to fit in either relaxing parks or small kids-play areas such as joy-land and gaming zone. So they have found a dangerous way to celebrate special occasions on which they are seen doing risky activities through which they can elicit some thrilling reaction. This is the very age where one seeks attention, needs approval from the circle of like-minded friends (because they are usually the most neglected in their homes and their abilities are also disregarded and overlooked) and gives heed to peoples’ opinion. Activities such as one-wheeling fulfill all these needs. On this Eid, around 50 people died and more than one thousand got injured all over the country while displaying jugglery and playing risky stunts on their bikes, putting theirs’ as well as others’ lives in danger. It clearly shows that they do not love their lives. The instinct of “Thanatos” (also called death instinct) dominates in them and they want to commit suicide. One-wheeling is the way to commit suicide and still remain safe from being stigmatised.


This thrill seeking behavior usually generates from impulsivity. When it is not controlled or the energy is not diffused or utilised in some other way or towards productive work, it becomes mental sickness that eventually acts as contagion in the society. Unfortunately, they think that this is the only way to celebrate an occasion, which most of the time ends up in a serious accident and leaving family behind to cry and repenting for providing them with motorbikes. One-wheelers somehow have psychotic features in which one stops thinking about others’ feelings that if they die while performing such stunts, how would their families even stand the thought of having lost their young children. In thrill, the bad consequences are usually negated like they never existed even when there are evident examples of the affected ones around. Regrettably, we human beings do not learn from the past and continue to deny the multiple examples that happen around us almost everyday.


Parents get the blame of not raising their children right and failing to teach them to utilise their energy in any other way rather than the one that leads to detrimental consequences. It’s not even a question of low-socio economic families, rather less educated ones and less caring attitude towards children. I also had a motorbike when I was a teenager but I never dared to do one-wheeling because my father condemned such acts, kept telling me the real consequences of doing them from time to time and kept an eye on my activities, and if I was found driving bike even faster than a normal speed, I would be reprimanded severely and this was all done in a controlled and thoughtful way to ensure I did not become rebellious and damage myself further. Alternatively, he would play with me; one of the activities he would participate is that I would ride bicycle and he would accept a challenge to run along with me to see who gets tired first. Additionally, he would also meet my friends from time to time to see if I was making right kind of people my friends. Sometimes, our friends lead us astray.


Typical thrill-seekers are looking to overcompensate, perhaps they are weak in studies, and they want themselves to be recognised in another field that they have potential to do something, create some impact – even a damaging one. If the youngsters use defense mechanism (specifically compensation) and want to perform such dangerous stunts, there should be a proper channel.


Heavy police force was also seen on the roads to curb the one-wheelers, but the problem cannot be resolved until an alternative is given to young blood. The major reason behind all this is also the dearth of recreational activities in the country. Sports ministry should make arrangements for such activities where requisite and precautionary measures are taken and proper trainers teach about such thrilling sports. One-wheeling is considered as sports in developed countries, there is nothing wrong with it and should be promoted here as well. Both purposes should be fulfilled; legitimizing their thrilling stunts and raising the country’s name and status with the real talent in such sports’ world.


After that, law enforcement agencies with zero tolerance policy should take strict actions against those who are still seen doing dangerous stunts in public places and on roads.


Our youth do not lack energy and skills, rather proper channel and direction. It is our responsibility to provide.



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