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PeeCee and Meghan Markle, the new BFFs in town

Suit’s star Meghan Markle, who plays Rachel Zane in the hit TV show, recently bonded with Priyanka Chopra and couldn’t stop talking about the Bajirao Mastani actor.

During an interview with Indian media agency, Markle said that she dreamed of working alongside PeeCee in a Bollywood film.

“I would love to work with her on a film one day! I told her specifically that my dream is to work with her on a Bollywood film because I think it would be so much fun – she said I should do it!” Meghan told the media agency in an email interview.

She traced back to their first meet and said that the two have become “really good friends”.

“Priyanka is unbelievable; she has become a really good friend. ELLE Magazine in the US hosted a dinner celebrating Women in TV (Priyanka was on one of their covers) and we met that night – turns out that she really likes Suits,” she said.

And they have been keeping in touch since.

“And you know when you meet someone and you just ‘click’… It was just an easy, natural progression. We’ve managed to keep in touch via email and text and try to see each other whenever we’re both in the same town.”

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