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India’s ‘Gold Man’ Datta Phuge beaten to death in front of son

Datta Phuge, the Pune businessman who came to be known as the “gold man” after he was photographed in a pure gold shirt a few years ago, was allegedly beaten to death in front of his son late last night.

The 48-year-old was found dead at a large ground early on Friday morning, NDTV reported.

Mr Phuge was reportedly attacked by a dozen men who dragged him out of his car, struck him with a sickle and pounded him to death with huge stones before running away.

His 22-year-old son, who was also present, was spared.

The police say Mr Phuge and his son were invited by one of the suspects for a birthday celebration.

Police suspect a financial dispute and have detained four persons.

Four years ago, the high-profile businessman made a memorable picture in a 22-carat gold shirt worth over Rs. one crore, with Swarovski crystal buttons and a matching gold belt. It was billed as the world’s most expensive shirt and designed to catch the eye easily.

The 3.5 kg shirt, crafted by 15 workmen from Bengal according to legend, did get him noticed.

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