Minister assures rape victim’s family of justice


Provincial Minister for Human Rights and Minority Affairs Khalil Tahir Sandhu said that government stands with the grieved family of Christian girl who was raped and that the accused has already been arrested. He said that justice will be done after investigation is completed.

The minister added that political opponents of the government are distorting the facts due to their vested interests. He said that those who are causing sectarian unrest, spreading religious hatred by misguiding the people should be ashamed of themselves. He said that when a negative issue is highlighted by media, it affects the national image of Pakistan at the international level.

Khalil Tahir Sandhu expressed these views while visiting the house of the rape victim, in a village of district Sheikhupura on Wednesday. He said that he was instructed by Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif to visit the grieved family, and added that the government will not only provide financial assistance to them but also assist in fighting the case against the culprit.

The provincial minister said that some anti-social elements are trying to raise the issue unnecessarily and painting it as a religiously-motivated crime, but there is hardly any reality to what they are trying to portray.

Provincial minister said that opposition party workers are giving more damage to the family by highlighting the issue for their vested interests as the family is already under psychological pressure. The family along with the collaboration of Christian and Muslim community is appealing to close the door of the home of the accused which is located right in front of their home, he said.

The minister said that Muslim and Christian community confirmed that the grieved family has been living with peace and tranquility for several years in the village. He said that such incidents are inhumane and that the anti-social elements get a chance to spoil the environment so Muslim and Christian community members should collectively work to provide justice to the rape victim.