Social Economic Justice in Islam



Social economic justice, equality before law, compassion and tolerance for other faiths and adherence to ethics of governance are pillars of Islam as much as mandatory obligation of prayers. If anybody has any doubt, the lifestyle and austerity of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his companions who became Khalifa are proof if any is required. In an Islamic state, rulers have no right to lead ostentatious lifestyles. There is no concept of monarchy or dictatorship in Islam, where power vests in an individual.  Almighty Allah is creator of all mankind and He alone has sole jurisdiction to decide who will go to Heaven or Hell and those who have abdicated this authority to themselves are guilty of Shirq.

Whatever self proclaimed champions of Islam may claim, the fact is that basic human rights and social economic justice for all and equality before laws are undeniable right of all irrespective of their faith in any Muslim majority state especially an Islamic Republic. It is binding upon Ulema to show compassion and humility which unfortunately is missing.

The callous display of arrogance by a Mufti who heads Ruet e Hillal committee, whatever the provocation, is unbecoming of anybody holding such a post. It is failure of delivering these mandatory obligations by every civil and military ruler of Pakistan that men like Maulana Edhi have filled the vacuum which should have been performed by public office holders and ulema who revel in availing protocol and living off the state while vast majority of this country lives below poverty line, denied of health, education, security of life and even basic requirements such as clean drinking water. Should it not shock us that few of our Ulema were unwilling to lead funeral prayers of such a man who has served humanity as per teachings of Islam?

Allama Iqbal once wrote that “Ever since their political fall, the Musalmans of India have undergone a rapid ethical deterioration. Of all the Muslim communities of the world they are probably the meanest in point of character”. Strong words but bitter truth if you look as size of Presidency, PM house, gated GOR and DHAs which are provided at state expense and power of Land Mafia in a country where millions die of poverty and lack of basic health.


Malik Tariq Ali