Abdul Sattar Edhi Hall


I wish to applaud the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore for announcing a newly built boy’s hostel as ‘Abdul Sattar Edhi Hall’ for the honour and tribute to late Edhi, the great legend of Pakistan and who is the symbol of humanity.
According to a report this was announced in a resolution, which was passed unanimously by the house during a meeting of all deans and heads of teaching and non-teaching departments with the university’s vice chancellor.
Let us note that his services at national and international level would always make us remember the angel of mercy who always felt other’s pain and Edhi not only cared for the needy humans, he also cared for animals and birds when they wanted help.
It is a really brilliant effort of University of Engineering and Technology to give the name of Edhi to a hostel and we hope that our government and our nation never forget the man who always helped the poor people and innocent children.
Bakhtiyar Phullan
Kech Turbat