Reporter’s ‘beeper’ from Edhi’s grave sparks uproar


A “beeper” by a reporter of a private news channel from the grave prepared by Abdul Sattar Edhi for himself 25 years ago sparked uproar on social media on Saturday.

The Express News report showing a reporter lying inside the grave prepared for Edhi went on air at 3:45 am (Saturday), reportedly.

Not only general public but also journalists from other media outfits took to Twitter and Facebook and scathingly criticised the reporter, cameraman and the director news for stooping so low in order to gain ratings while reporting on the funeral arrangements of the country’s celebrated philanthropist and humanitarian.

After some 2300 complaints against the beeper had been filed with the owner of the Express News, Sultan Lakhani, channel’s Executive Director News Fahad Hussain wrote a series of tweets, apologising for their “disgraceful” report.

“Last night at 3.45am a clip was aired once on Express News in which one of our reporters was lying inside the grave prepared for Edhi sb,” said one of the tweets by the executive director news.

“The clip was pulled off air as soon as it was brought to the notice of the editorial management,” he wrote in his second tweet.

Another tweet by Hussain said, “The clip violated all social & journalistic ethics & should not have gone on air. We are taking action against those responsible.”

In his last tweet, Hussain said, “We apologise to our viewers for hurting their sentiments and assure them of our commitment to the highest standards of journalism.”


    • Not only the journalists, but the poli-tics ( blood sucking politicians) are ahead of everyone else in this Munafaqat. They say something what they don't mean and always.

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