New kind of war


Needs collective action


The war against terror is definitely expanding. And that, unfortunately, is because the bad guys are expanding their theatre of influence and action. Bangladesh, for example, was not widely expected to catch ISIS’s eye anytime soon. And if the Ramzan attack wasn’t bad enough. The terrorists surprised everyone again by trying to attack on Eid day itself. This speaks volumes about the outreach ISIS has developed. The popular narrative was that they were on the run; having been given a good thrashing by the Russian air fleet in Syria, etc.

But things started worsening before Eid. The usual targets – Syria and Iraq – were suffering the usual ISIS violence for quite a while. But Turkey once again attracted the attention, ironically, one day after President Erdogan finally apologised to President Putin. And then, very surprisingly, bombs started exploding in Saudi Arabia. All this while Iraq and Syria continued to suffer, of course. Iraq, in fact, registered its worst single-day death toll in years just before Eid. And it’s unlikely that this trend will dissipate anytime soon. Just before this came the ISIS extension to mainland Europe, with its own aftermath.

Therefore, since the enemy is changing – in effect strengthening – it is not really rocket science that so must the countries fighting it. ISIS has exhibited a remarkable ability to survive and thrive, even under extreme circumstances. The rest of the world, though, has not exactly been very forthright in its objection to this menace. The so called US-led free world, especially, has largely been a letdown. First it let regressive forces in the Gulf fund and arm ISIS and the like to the eyeballs in the hope of capturing Damascus. Then, realising that that approach was not working, it pretty much stopped doing much at all; save face-saving sorties that accomplished nothing. Yet if this war is to be won there needs to be a great change in the manner in which it is being fought. Unless this free world unites and adopts a workable strategy, it will not be so free for too long.


  1. Very unfortunate a lot bad has happened during the month of blessings and that too in the Islamic countries. Would somebody explain ? More religious – more terrorism ? Are the Muslims to be blamed only ? What about those who create the monsters and let them loose, specially during the Holy month ? What has happened to the conscience of the country killing the 'blacks' in their own home ? I hope Eddied would explain !

  2. Once again the problems of Islamic militant terrorism are blamed on the west?…Until Muslims take responsibility for the monster they have created by allowing radicals to promote their terrorist agenda to brainwashed Madrassah students…and giving them support simply because they claim to be Muslims?..this war on Muslim lands will continue….It is Muslims who are killing Muslims in Muslim countries and that is a fact…they rest is BS…

    • Be happy that BS is now spreading in the home of the terrorist-in-Chief. They are killing the blacks and the blacks are defending themselves. The Christians are killing christinans in a christian country.

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