Mufti Qawi forms his own Ruet-e-Hilal Committee (Q) faction


    The already fractured unity of the central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee finally gave way as he announced his own breakaway faction called the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee (Q).


    “We were left with no choice, given the recent behaviour of Mufti Muneeb,” said Mufti Qawi, speaking to reporters at his residence in Multan. “And mine.”


    “Our Qandeel faction is going to address all the concerns that the people currently have with the older committee,” he said. “The present committee can’t even pick out a full moon, let alone the crescent of the first.”


    “They don’t have any eyes, it would seem, to pick out bright, beautiful, splendid objects,” a visibly moved Qawi continued.


    When asked what the first step of the new faction of the committee would be, he replied that he would consult with some other quarters before being able to say something conclusively.


    “Rest assured, these are going to be announcements that you would all be looking forward to,” he said. “Instead of long winded TV broadcast, we are going to give our announcements through Facebook videos.”


    “Now, if you gentlemen will excuse, mein, meri sar mein sakht dard ho raha hai….uff, itna bukhaar bhi hai mujhe…”