‘Kama’, featuring DOMENO and JoSH gets overwhelming response in Pak, India


‘Kama’, a single by DOMENO featuring JoSH was released on Eid day and has already had an overwhelming response across Pakistan and India!

DOMENO kick-starting the song with his KILLER moves takes us by surprise and we’re hooked onto our screens, and that’s when JoSH enter, with Qurram slaying the goose-bumpy lines ‘Tu Nahin, Mein Nahin’.

The song kick-starts soon after, when Domeno slays with his killer moves again and the desi fusion enters the song.

JoSH took some time to reach out to people regarding the song.

Qurram Hussain-JoSH:

“The process of Kama had started with Rup, and Domeno always had this idea of adding Desi Beats to his tracks. We got involved with the track and Domeno sent me the beat, to which I responded with a melody composition and wrote the lyrics. As far as the scales went, Domeno wanted something at a high register because of the energy of his song, and I was able to sing that high note. Domeno wanted an intro to the song that would grab everyone’s attention, so I was able to come up with that. Domeno had a simple concept for the video which is based on the streets of Montreal where a flash mob suddenly happens after listening to the beat, and I think it’s pretty great. We’re very excited for it and finally, something new from JoSH has come to all our fans who have been waiting for this a long time.”

Rup Magon – JoSH:

“When we were approached by Domeno, I sensed honesty and talent.  He had a certain way to him which I immediately took a liking to.  Together, we made a plan, and it worked.  From paperwork, to track, to an amazing on-stage appearance with Hardwell, to the final video, to the release.  I personally had my doubts about the track and direction it will eventually take, but I’ve been pleasantly proved wrong.  JoSH has always thrived by setting trends with our music.  I think we’ve done it again.”
Qurram Hussain of JoSH also took the opportunity to clear a few misunderstandings that were in the air regarding their new song. Qurram stated in a Facebook post on his official page:

“Thanks to JoSH fans & media in Pakistan for their unprecedented love and extraordinary enthusiasm about the release of our New Track: “KAMA—DOMENO featuring JoSH”. But in the middle of too much hype, some social media posts or article erroneously mentioned about some collaborations which do not exist. I clarify that for this track DOMENO is featuring JoSH. The song is blessed by Hardwell. From track to an amazing performance in the video, we are grateful to @Domeno. Special thanks to @hardwell for his special appearance in the video.!! Big up @domenomusic @qurram @rupmagon @revealedrec.”