Regarding Hamid Khan’s opposition of the unconstitutional notification of JKT and SMQ


It seems conscience of many that practiced doctrine of necessity in the past is waking up. Hamid Khan also sent a message that he oppose unconstitutional notification of JKT and SMQ. But as usual there will be pressure on him to continue practice of doctrine of necessity to accept unconstitutional notifications and get one himself as well. I hope he will resist the temptation and remain firm.

Please send him message of support so that we can build a spine for him to remain standing on his position.

So called ideologue Dr. Alvi and Ejaz Chaudhry are vying hard for an unconstitutional notification in coming days. If IK makes Ejaz Chaudhry happy then he has to once again break his word given to Naeem Bukhari who has the potential to become Marvi Memon.
Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi