PM Nawaz postpones return on doctors’ advice


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has postponed his return to the country after his doctors stopped him from undertaking air travel following a follow up examination the other day, Pakistan Today has learnt.

The doctors have reportedly told PM Nawaz that he is still not fit to travel and would need more days to recover fully from the heart surgery. They have also informed him that whenever he returns, he cannot start his work at once.

Earlier, reports said that the premier would return to Pakistan on July 10th or 12th and would resume his work at his office. However, insiders say it is unlikely that the PM will return to Pakistan anytime soon because of his health condition.

“The PM will need at least two weeks’ rest before he resumes his work. It is unlikely that the doctors are going to allow him to take the flight to Pakistan in the next few days,” they said.

Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has asked his sons Hamza Shehbaz and Salman Shehbaz to depart for London to celebrate Eidul Fitr with their uncle, Nawaz. Hamza and Salman will be leaving for London on Tuesday morning.


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