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JoSH’s ‘Kama’ to set dance-floors on fire this season

All set and ready to take on the world of electronic dance music (EDM) this year, JoSH The Band’s latest collaboration ‘Kama’-with the acclaimed DJ, Remixer and Record Label Holder by the name of ‘Revealed Recordings’-Hardwell has collaborated with Domeno featuring Qurram Hussain and Rup Magon of JoSH for a killer soundtrack named ‘Kama.’

With a fusion of desi beats and Domeno slaying it with his killer moves, Kama is ready to hit the hottest dance-floors and summer festivals this season!

JoSH-the Montreal-based, South-Asian fusion band has produced powerful remixes before with international artists ‘Priyanka Chopra’, ‘Nelly Furtado’ and ‘Pitbull’.

JoSH is now all set to take over the desi and non-desi music charts with this latest body-groover!

Qurram Hussain, vocalist and musician at JoSH, stated that he wants everyone to know now that ‘Q of JoSH is actually Qurram Hussain, and that I’m a proud Pakistani-Canadian.”

Qurram, the proud Pakistani from JoSH duo, will be seen along Domeno and Hardwell in their latest song together, with Domeno making his return to the ‘Revealed Recordings’ bandwagon with this massive track.

This is Hardwell’s first collaboration with a South-Asian fusion band, and both Indian and Pakistani music-lovers will be in for a treat this July!

Talking about the collaboration with Hardwell, Qurram said, “Hardwell is one of the best DJ’s worldwide, and everyone is familiar with his name. He is excellent at what he does, and a great human being apart from that. The most important thing about our track is that Hardwell himself has made an appearance in it, which is the sign of mutual respect and love from both sides.”

When asked about Domeno, Qurram said, “Domeno, don’t even get me started! He is amazing with his moves, with his energy, and with his presence! Love everything about him and the fact that he has taken the beats to another level! Mad respect and love for the guy.”

‘Kama’ has been directed by Revealed Recordings and picturised in the beautiful location of Montreal, Canada, where Qurram is originally from. The video starts with Domeno shocking the crowds with his amazing moves and JoSH joining in to blend their desi-touch to the sick beats.

Qurram Hussain’s collaboration with Komal Rizvi is all set to release this Eid. Both of them performed together recently, at the ‘Cornetto Pop Rock’ concert in Lahore.

Asking about working with Komal Rizvi, Qurram said, “Komal Rizvi is an amazing performer; it’s not easy to match her energy at concerts!”

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