Ch Sarwar says protesting for truth not a crime


Punjab’s former governor and Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) leader Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar said protesting for truth is not a crime but a democratic and constitutional right.

The PTI leader said this while talking to different delegations at his residence. He said inflation and unemployment is a form of state terrorism. Clean water has become a dream for citizens of Lahore as more than half of the 400 filtration plants of Lahore have been closed, he added.

Sarwar said PML-N claimed to get rid of the crises but dragged the nation into extensive crises and the nation is experiencing punishment of dereliction of government. He alleged that corruption and unemployment have gone out of control and it is a form of state terrorism. It must be ended as soon as possible, he added.

He said that government does not provide rights to the people so the opposition protests as a response are not illegal, but a democratic right of the people. The government must fulfil the promises and system of looting and corruption must be eliminated from the country. The government is not providing basic necessities to the people of Lahore and people are dying due to drinking dirty water, but the government is keen to build Metro train instead on the cost of poor people of Lahore.