Pakistani family faces harassment by passengers on Qatar Airways


A Pakistani family travelling from Jeddah to Doha on Qatar Airways flight had to face harassment from Qatari passengers on the plane.

Kehkashan Khalid narrated the incident through a Facebook post stating that while travelling with her husband and her infant children they had to face harassment from a female Qatari passenger who shouted at them saying, “I just want some peace and quiet” despite the fact that her children were completely quiet throughout the flight.

Khalid said that her husband had to recline his seat as their daughter was sleeping in his lap but the Qatari passengers in the back complained. The air hostess confirmed that the father was allowed to recline his seat but the passengers refused to oblige and initiated a fight.

Kehkashan said that the passengers assaulted her husband and left her children terrified.


  1. One should only recline their seat if they are allowed by the pessanger sitting behind them. It gets very uncomfortable and annoying for especially tall people like me when the pessanger in front keeps trying to thrust his seat backwards despite being told not to. The lady who is claiming to be abused seems to be from the previleged lot who thinks her family can do whatever they wants just because they are “US citizens and permanent residents”. There wasn’t even a need to mention their citizenship in this particular incidence.

    • You don’t seem to have travelled much. There is no consent required from anyone to recline your seat. If this had been the case, the seats would be designed so the person in the back could lock your seat to prevent it from reclining. Some people have used special devices to prevent those in front from reclining and the use of such devices is not allowed.

      Even in the case of this incident, the cabin crew told the Qatari passengers that the man had the right to recline his seat. It is the Qataris who did not comply with this advice from cabin crew and proceeded to assault the passenger. You had nothing to say about the assault and are slamming the passenger who exercised his right to recline his seat, which he needed to do especially because he was holding a baby. Think a little next time before posting such comments.

    • With all due respect there is no consent required and if the passenger has such problems they should rather book business class and let economy passengers travel in peace !

    • Get a life!! Seat recliners are there for a reason. You pay for the comfort not to hear some BS from passengers like you. If you have issue, then better get front seat with large leg space. Idiot

    • I think she had every right and should even have asked. The reason for asking was probably to just confirm that the Qatri nationals wont make an kssue out of it. Which they did. Abusing is jot acceptable so she is right in bringing this up. She mentioned being US citizen to tell the world its not just amreeki lot doing discrimination but arabs too…

    • Please tell me you do not believe what you just actually said?

      I truly hope I am sitting infront of you one day and just watch me recline all the way to my destination with no complaints from your good self I can assure you..

    • Sorry i had a disagreement on your statement.
      Seats are designed to recline without disturbing the backseat occupying passengers.
      If the Qatri lady knew that they are not Pakistani but Americans
      She might have offered her lap for the child.
      These Arabs hate Pakistanis but……Americans.
      For tall ppl airlines have bulkhead or legspace seats available.
      Fuss is by sick minded ppl,further more one has a choice to buy upper class seats for peace.

    • One can recline their seat if they want. Ppl with long leg like you should travel in the first class. When you pay money u do posses equal right as everybody no matter Qattari or Pakistani. I think you are not aware of middle eastern culture of Nationality syndrome. Western better, middle astern (kings) south eastern ? Slaves:((((

    • Absolutely ..In this particular case her husband was wrong … It get very uncomfortable for other passengers …besides why have u written “a Pakistani family ” when later that lady claimed herself as a US citizen …. she don’t belong to Pakistan now

    • With due respect it is not on the sla to ask the passenger at the back if one can recline. The passanger at back can request the one at front pull back and its up to them if they wanted to or not would be wise to book business class

    • The seats are made that way so you can recline em, and you for the comfort, and if it’s not comfortable then the Airline industry should not allow the manufacturer to make such seats. Everybody has the right to recline and relax when the facility is there

    • You are wrong, one is allowed to recline the seat once the plane is crusing. That is why the seats can recline, otherwise seats would be fixed. You stupid!

  2. I think haseeb khan hasn’t travelled much…. and clearly is unaware of travelling ethics. The reclining of your seat back in fully within your rights and no one has the right to object that. You can only request. Secondly of ure tall and need extra leg room. Then pay for the extra leg room. Seats available sir !!! Don’t lecture others on how to travel

  3. If this would had happened in North American, this Qatari would have been arrested as soon as he walked out of the plan for assault and verbal abuse.

  4. Flying in the same plane with kids of Pakistani parents can be a daunting job.

  5. Arabs mostly (NOT ALL) are RACIST and have less or almost no respect for others, specially Asians. These crazy arabs get beaten when they use same behavior in US/CANADA…..anyways…..I hope this family gets justice….one should be tolerant with families in any case.

  6. Haseeb Khan…get a life dude…. you need to learn ethics of flying yourself…reclining seat is the right of every passenger… the words and intro lady used to give us the context…. if you think whatever crap happened was justified, I literally pray you and your family would be in same boat once, atleast to get you realized…..

  7. Something does not sound right. Why did they have to state they were "U.S. citizens"? Also they are permanent residents? Which one is it? Citizens or residents? Also, if 4 people started to beat up another person on the plane, the pilot would have stopped it. Typically these flights have unmarked air marshals who would have intervened immediately, and I guarantee other passengers would have stepped in. The flight attendants would not have stood back and let 4 men beat up another man for no reason without contacting the pilot. Also, how do you know they are Qatari passengers? Just because they wear an abaya or thobe doesn't mean anything.

  8. I think there is not to make an issue as children’s need and care is priority on board, the seats are made for passangers satisfaction and no need of permission of any .it is absolute foolishness to make an issue

  9. Unnecessary arguments, I have a different opinion and a simple solution. You do recline your seat if someone infront do and maintain the same distance from the seat infront……..haha isnt it that simple but there is no solution I can offer to crying or noisy toddlers cs I cannot stand that too in flights and blame goes to parents with loose comand.

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