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Pervez Musharraf, Kayani too have Swiss Bank accounts, claims UK-based investigative journalist

A London-based investigative journalist James D Crickton has claimed former army generals Pervez Musharraf and Ashfaq Parvez Kayani possess multi-million dollar Swiss bank accounts.

While investigating into offshore accounts of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s family, Crickton found that both the former army chiefs have several million dollars stashed away in Swiss bank accounts.

“I stumbled upon this information accidentally as I was trying to find out how and why Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who hails from a rich business family, has allowed himself to be embroiled in the Panama Leaks controversy unearthed by intrepid international investigative journalists. The charge is that his family members had deposited money in shell companies located in Panama, and used that money to buy properties. It is also said that his daughter Maryam Nawaz owns properties in Peru and Singapore. Sharif critics have not proved thus far that these assets have been acquired with ill-gotten wealth,” he wrote in his blog.

Crickton further claimed that Musharraf and Kayani are holding separate accounts in a Swiss bank, Julius Baer, with the account numbers 3861337 and 583106 respectively.

Musharraf’s account, he claims, is maintained by the Star Trust Company. The former president’s account allegedly had several million dollars around the time he was briefly arrested in October 2013. However, presently the balance in the account is $2 million.

Kayani’s Swiss bank account is maintained by his brother’s UAE-based firm, J&B Construction Company. “The balance in the account is several million US dollars,” Crickton claimed, quoting his sources.



  1. Riaz Ahmad said:

    No one in Pakistan wants to own up to the harsh reality. Decades old void of rule of law and absence of justice has degenerated the culture and mindset of the nation. Except for a very very tiny minority, the only honest and above board people in the country are those who have never had the opportunity benefit from corruption. There is no believe or conviction in civic norms, moral values or societal virtues, religious or secular. Islam has been debased to worthless ritual worship to construct a fake image of piety.

  2. Winston said:

    This English journalist has his own Swiss bank account just opened by nawaz sharif for writing this article, he says he just accidently found these 2 accounts of Musharraf and kyani. Hahahaha yeah sure.

  3. Zahid said:

    Musharraf is known to have an apartment in London so he technically hemustbe having an offshore company as well. He get royalty on his book worth more than 4 million dollars….where should he kept this money……he also deliver lectures throughout the US earning another millions of legalised USD all before 2013……what do the writer think he will store and deposit in Bank of Punjab…….As far as kayani is concerned the account may be opened by his brother ….. He may or may not be knowing about it……dig and u found Iftekhar Chaudhry as well alongwith Gen Shuja Pasha and Bilawal ..i bet.

  4. Faisal said:

    “Stumbled on this information accidentally” and “Nawaz Sharif hails from a rich business family.” Just two parts of this idiotic article that show the inconsistency of this article against reality! Pervez Musharraf is an international speaker who earns millions outside of Pakistan on talks lectures etc He hasn’t stolen Pakistan’s money and stashed it in an external account! Beyond this if the idiots in our government and judiciary weren’t so politicised to freeze his assets and money such acts won’t be necessary!

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