No restriction over Muslims to observe Ramzan in Xinjiang: JI spokesperson


There is no restriction over Muslims to observe Ramzan in Xinjiang province of China, said Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) spokesperson Fareed Paracha.

Paracha is on his visit with a delegation from Pakistan to observe religious rights for Muslims in China.

Paracha said that there is no restriction on Muslim teachers, students and government employees to observe Ramzan, adding that everyone is free to practice his religion and visit the holy places, including mosques.

He said that a large number of Muslims are living in Xinjiang and they have full rights. There are around 2,000 mosques and proper arrangements for prayer, he said.

“Halal food is also available for Muslims in this region,” he added.

Paracha said that the relation between Pakistan and China would become stronger with the visit of this delegation who is here to observe religious independence of Muslims.

“There are brotherly relations between the two countries,” he said.

He said that this strong relation between Pakistan and China will reduce the chances of terrorism.


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