US responsible for Afghanistan’s troubled state: John McCain


The United States Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, while talking private news channel, said that responsibility for trouble in Afghanistan and failure to resolve it does not lie with Pakistan or President Ashraf Ghani but President Barack Obama.

He criticised Obama’s policies while talking about the region.

According to the US senator, the relation of Pakistan with the United States is fundamentally important and the terms between the two are better than before.

However, he said that US-Pakistan relations have entered a sensitive phase ever since extremist outfit, Islamic State (IS) emerged in Afghanistan. He favoured talks and negotiations among countries for resolution of outstanding issues instead of a boycott.

India should not have had any issue with Pakistan’s Nuclear Suppliers Group inclusion bid, Republican’s 2008 presidential nominee said adding that good terms with the neighbours are in the benefit for all.

He observed that permanent deployment of US troops to Afghanistan will be beneficial just like Korea, Japan and Germany.

McCain said that he would meet Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif and Chairman of the Senate, Raza Rabbani soon.


  1. He is the first responsible American who has called the spade a spade. Not President Obama actually, it should be George Bush who was responsible for the rot not only in Afghanistan but in the whole region, including the Gulf countries. Out of his sinful conscience, Tony Blair, who fed the Americans of the wrong and malicious information of Iraq possessing WOMD, now apologises and accepts that creation of organizations like ISIS, is result of attack and occupation of Iraq. Similar is the case of Afghanistan. Even if not one Afghan was involved in 9/11, this country was attacked and occupied ( still occupied – directly or indirectly).

    • Uneducated neutral does not understand that Senator MCcain is a hawk who thinks that the USA has been too easy on the Taliban and he would like to escalate the war against all radical jihadis…Obama has been conciliatory with the Afgans but when his term is over, the next president may take a stronger position on eliminating all radical islamist militants from the civilized world…

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