ECP members likely to be appointed before July 27, says ECP secy


Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Secretary Babar Yaqoob Fateh Muhammad on Monday hoped that the new members of the commission would be appointed before July 27.

Addressing a press conference, he said that under the constitution government and opposition are bound to appoint ECP`s members within 45 days after their retirement.

ECP has also written a letter to the prime minister for early appointment of the members, he added.

Due to the non appointment of the new members, the Election Commission could not hold by-elections in 10 constituencies and Local Government elections in 22 constituencies of the country, Babar said.

He said that ECP had also proposed to the Parliamentary Committee to appoint serving judges of the provincial high courts as members of the commission but it was unanimously rejected by them.

“The ECP has approved plan for annual revision of electoral rolls for the year 2016 in which all new National Identity Card (NIC) holders will be made part of the electoral rolls and all voters who have become disqualified (deaths/cancelled NICs) will be excluded from the rolls after their door-to-door verification followed by display process,” he said.

The voter count is expected to be increased from 93 million to 97-98 million after the revision process, he added.

According to the plan, a 15-day door-to-door verification campaign will be carried out from August 1st to August 15, 2016 which shall be followed by 21 days of display process starting from August 21, he said.