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IMC will take care of rural, urban areas alike, says mayor

The Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (IMC) held its maiden meeting, chaired by its first-ever Mayor Sheikh Ansar Aziz, on Monday. The meeting was attended by members of the IMC, media personnel and guests. Speaking to the gathering, the mayor said that he will strive to provide both rural and urban localities with facilities they have been denied for so long.

Ansar Aziz reiterated his stance of safeguarding capital’s environment and mitigating pollution and its adverse impact. “We’ll strive with all of our might to improve the roads, sanitation, water supply and sewerage system of Islamabad,” he added.

Aziz while addressing the session spoke of his office’s resolve in upgrading all sectors of Islamabad.

It is to be noted that many sectors of Islamabad are in dire need of rehabilitation of roads and sewerage and still lack amenities like parks, footpaths, libraries and recreational centres. Corporation also proposed a budget of Rs 10.056 billion for non-development expenditure that includes salaries and allowances, admin and general expenses, repair and maintenance of vehicles, offices and purchases.

Aziz said that water crisis in Islamabad will be resolved through Ghazi-Brotha canal.

“We’ll exhaust all options to bring sufficient amount of water that caters to the needs of our citizens,” he said.

Islamabad is witnessing the water shortage that has peaked in recent months. Many of the citizens are left at the mercy of private water tanker mafia that charges exorbitant prices for a small tanker that hardly lasts a week. Presently, many denizens of Islamabad consider water crisis as the foremost issue that blights their life.

Ali Nawaz Awan, elected Chairman for UC-40 of PTI, speaking at the occasion said that PTI will strengthen the local government system. “You are mayor of the whole house, we stand by you and will make this house strong,” he said. Awan also pinpointed water crisis as one of the biggest problems that the residents of the capital face. “Our foremost priority is to provide water for our people,” he concluded.

“Our wait has finally ended; the IMC has come to life after months of tiring wait. Our elected members now have the power to deliver and since they are not technocrats or bureaucrats, we expect that they’ll resolve our issues swiftly. PTI and PML-N both need to show harmony in this regard and must strive for the betterment of Islamabad,” said Ahmed Jamil Gujjar, a businessman and resident of G-9, Islamabad.

Shah Nawaz Mohal

Shah Nawaz Mohal is a law graduate, feature writer and columnist. At present he is studying world literature at University of Potsdam, Germany. He can be reached at [email protected]

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