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Qaim names ‘Junaid’ in tribute to slain Amjad Sabri

In a slip of the tongue, Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah on Saturday momentarily appeared to forget the name of famed qawwali maestro Amjad Sabri, when he accidentally said “Junaid” as he fumbled to recall the name of the murdered qawwali star.

“A very successful and respected Qawwal ‘Junaid’ was a very good man,” said Shah on the Sindh Assembly floor, before going on to announce a Rs 10 million grant for the family of the deceased and a government job for his widow.

Shah, 83, was interrupted by members of the opposition, to which he reacted in a rather unsporting manner.

“I did not make a mistake with your name,” he shouted, facing opposition benches before continuing with his address. Several television channels speculated that the aged minister may have mixed Sabri’s name up with singer turned televangelist Junaid Jamshed who had in the past been in the headlines for being accused of blasphemy.

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  1. Hasan said:

    Fakhr-e-Alam has disclosed that seeing the fanaticism in Pakistan after the blasphemy lawsuit against him, Amjad Sabri made pleas to CM for security but the security was denied. NowThe Minsitry has replied that no such security request was made! Now CM has announced cash for Sabri's family. Is this justice?
    Speaking from a personal tragedy to my family & property, many houses in DHA Karachi were devastated in bomb blast that targeted Farooq Awan. Myself and many people who's houses were destroyed in the blast made (several) written pleas (via TCS) to CM for financial compensation. No reply ever came. Tomorrow The MInsitry will say, no such plea or request was made!

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