Pakistani bodybuilder hits back at critics after finishing fourth


Pakistani athlete Salman Ahmad, who clinched the Mr Musclemania title in Las Vegas last year, responded to his critics after he came fourth in Musclemania Pro competition on Saturday.

Ahmad said he felt disappointed at how his countrymen commented on social media after he failed to win the competition.

In a video message on his Facebook page, the athlete responded to his critics by saying that Pakistanis should support their fellow national, who is competing on an international stage.

“I did my best and worked hard to reach where I am today,” he said. “Not everyone knows what we go through when we maintain our diet carefully for six months at a time.”

However, Ahmad still thanked his supporters for their prayers and urged people not to hurt his image as he has worked hard towards building one.

“I would like to thank all those who prayed for me and supported me,” he said. “And, I can only request people back home to not tarnish my reputation and my image.”

Ahmad was alone in the crowd last year when he became the first Pakistani to win the Musclemania world bodybuilding title in Las Vegas, unable to afford an entourage of managers, coaches, promoters like his fellow competitors.

Apart from bodybuilding, he also holds a Masters in Human Resource Management from the University of Punjab.