Restaurants and road blocks


There are several kebab restaurants and new hotel’s opened on both sides of  Sindhi Muslim Society, which lead to parking of cars on both sides, causing heavy traffic jams in the locality.


Several cars are also parked on the round about which cause heavy traffic jams when some traffic comes from shah re faisal and some from tariq road


Due to the restaurants, the locality is badly polluted because of there being thick black smoke from evening till midnight while kebabs are cooked. This endangers the health of all residents living there.


Chairs and tables are kept in front of the restaurants for people who come there to eat, leaving little space for cars to move around.


We request senior Sindh government officials to look after this issue



Sheikh Omair



  1. It is not only in Sind Muslim society Sheikh Omer, it is all over Karachi and even worse traffic blocks elsewhere. But it is ALL going on under the nose of the authirties and sponsors are some of a Bhai. Reap what we sow.

  2. yes every were is going but were i live i have many proplem's .. i will write on every place were this kind facing proplems i know nothing will change but this is my dutie to highlight it to prove a good citizen of my greatest city of light Karachi ,

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