Just help them out


Education is a powerful tool that can change the world.  Today the youths are keen on learning the new things besides their curriculum. And interestingly, parents are taking utmost care of the educational needs of their children.


Having said this, how about jobs? Creating the right jobs for the educated is of immense importance. Otherwise it will backfire on the educated who may be forced to turn to the wrong jobs.


The educational institutes churn out numerous students every year.  And though the statistical figures are alarming and interesting, such things are undoubtedly good signs.


Moreover, the youths after education should not be restricted to concentrating on jobs alone. Instead the workstations must create the conducive environment that will encourage the employees to learn further. The continuous learning process not only helps the employees go to the next level in their jobs but also paves the way for attaining the sharp intellect.


Finally, bold, urgent and timely strategies are needed in order to increase the job influx on a par with the emerging education sectors-the sooner the better.










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