Salaried class waits remuneration to enter Eid shopping spree


Though the Eid shopping festivity has started, but it is expected to gain full momentum when the salaried class from both public and private sectors will be paid remuneration at the start of July.

The major chunk of the shoppers’ money is spent on dresses. This is part and parcel of the Eid-ul-Fitr euphoria, especially when it comes to children and women.

Raja Babar, a salesman at a shop at Aabpara, said: “Though business class has started shopping, but Islamabad is the home of the salaried class and we are expecting a boom in our sale, as they will be paid their monthly earnings from the start of the next month.”

He said the salaried class is their target consumers because they rarely turn for shopping in routine days due to a lack of purchasing power as compared to the business class.

Usman Malik, a private sector employee, said: “I have not yet started shopping for Eid. I have planned it for the start of next month after receiving my salary and Eid allowance.”

Lubna Akbar, while shopping at a big mall, said: “Half of my shopping is done and I am waiting for my next salary to do the rest of the shopping on ‘Chand Raat’ with my friends.”

The well-off segments that don’t have a financial hurdle have a different reason to stay away from shopping and are waiting for the weather to become pleasant.

As the Eid days are coming closer, all the markets and shopping malls are also being decorated to make people even more excited and passionate.

Sana Imran, a housewife, said: “Every single day, Eid collections with a wide range of brands keep on coming, making people even more excited for shopping.”




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